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During the winter, I like to scale back the maintenance of the garden. I live in California with year round growth and maintenance. But many of the fruit trees have gone bare, and I don’t do any planting from November through March. I’ve pruned the roses, so pretty much its weed control and dreaming of warmer days.

It is also the time when I can plan for the next growing season. Out come the gardening books, the seed catalogs and old Sunset magazines. It’s the time to dream. And with numerous online garden design programs the process has never been easier.

The National Gardening Association recommends

“One of the latest is geared towards vegetable gardeners. is an England-based garden design tool that helps you plan your vegetable and fruit gardens. Using animated vegetables and fruits, the program helps you map out your garden and select, place, and rotate crops. Vegetables are color-coded by family, making it easier to plan crop rotation. The program can even remember past designs and warn you about planting the same family of vegetables in the same spot two years in a row.”

How cool is that?

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