Tips for an energy efficient kitchen


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Kitchens are a major source of energy consumption in the home. Focusing on making your kitchen more eco-friendly can save you a significant amount of cash on your household energy bills. Scrutiny over environmental issues has only increased the amount of energy-efficient models on the market, so there is a huge selection of cheap and expensive appliances to choose from. However it’s all about using common sense, there are a number of simple steps you can take to having an energy efficient kitchen.

It is estimated that 40% per cent of household energy goes into driving mechanical motors such as washing machines and dishwashers. But even smaller appliances such as microwaves and toasters can significantly contribute towards your energy bills. It is worth getting into the habit of turning off your appliances from the mains, this is energy efficient and safe. Apart from kettles, appliances work more efficiently when they are used to their maximum capacity. For example, you need a full load for the dishwasher to work at its maximum efficiency. Also, freezers work more efficiently when they are fully stocked.

Technological advances have reduced the amount of energy needed to run large appliances; hardly any product is graded as an E-rated item any more. But the star ratings on appliances have become quite dated. It’s worth keep an eye out for extra stars after the A­ which often means it can be 10% more efficient. However ratings will not stop a product from breaking. Most people are far too hasty in throwing out broken items which may only need a minor repair. Rather than replace electrical goods it’s worth trying to get the item repaired. It is very unecological not to recycle broken goods and waste. Strict measures and punishments are now being imposed by local authorities to ensure people do follow recycling regulations.

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