Sellers, Do You Wish You Could Read A Buyer’s Mind

Sellers, Do You Wish You Could Read A Buyer’s Mind?

Well, now you can! After many months of asking buyers, this post will provide some insight into what buyers are really thinking when they go visit  into your Singapore property home! I have collated the input from a focus group of buyers who have requested to remain anonymous.

Nina: What is the most surprising thing you see when you look at a house for sale?

Buyer 1: Sometimes I have to tell  myself that I came to an open house and not a yard sale. There’s so much stuff everywhere!

Nina: What about just picturing how your own furniture would look in the rooms?

Buyer 2: It’s hard for me to picture my furniture in the dining room when there’s a bird cage in the corner, a treadmill, a loveseat and mounds of clothes in there.

Nina: We know that kitchens and bathrooms get the most attention from buyers. How does the kitchen and bathrooms look like?

Buyer 3: I don’t mind when a seller hasn’t put in granite or stainless steel appliances. I can change that. What annoys me is when they’ve priced their house as if they had.

Buyer 4: I agree. Even if the house is kept clean, a 30 year old bathroom vanity is outdated, as are the big lightbulbs surrounding the mirror. It makes the bathroom look like a backstage in a Broadway dressing room.

Buyer 2: I think it comes back to price. I realize that most sellers feel connected to their homes. They’ve hosted birthday celebrations and anniversaries and holidays in there. They spent money over the years to beautify the house according to their taste. Why don’t they understand that I’m not going to pay for what is considered an outdated decor. 

Buyer 1: That’s another thing. Some of these sellers don’t seem to have spent any money for the maintenance of the house.

Buyer 3: You’re right! Don’t they know you’re supposed to clean the chimney? Or your heating and a/c serviced yearly? I do that in my house.

Buyer 4: I saw one house where the seller had the basement flooded because the water tank let go suddenly. It was years past its life expectancy. The seller ended up having to rip up carpeting, repair walls…just because they forgot to replace the tank on time.

Buyer 1 : We made an offer on a house and ended up walking away after the home inspection. The home inspector found a ton of mold in the attic. The reason is  because the bathrooms vented into the attic instead of outside. We didn’t want to take care of that problem, and neither did the seller.

Nina: So, you’re seeing houses that have been negrlected or  bathrooms and kitchens that need updating and too much clutter. And, given these things, the houses are priced too high. Is there any suggestion you’d give to a seller if you could?

Buyer 2: If you’re really interested about selling your house, it doesn’t make sense to price it too high. Buyers know when a particular  house is priced higher than other houses like yours that have sold.

Buyer 1 : Your house is just going to sit on the market, and you’re either going to  keep lowering the price, or let it sit there for a long time.. What’s the point?

Buyer 3: Find a  agent  you can count on for good advice from  everything from pricing to marketing. If your Realtor doesn’t blog about your listing it’s not going to get found.

Buyer 1: Oh, and take a look at the photos of your house online.Some of the photos look so blurry or have  cluttered rooms. Do I really want to see a photo of your toilet? We’ve chosen not to see some houses because of how the photos look online. You need another agent  to market your home.

Nina: Ok, well thank you all for your feedback. I’m sure sellers would appreciate your comments and it will truly give them some insights on how to make their home be noticed in the market.. I wish you all the best in finding a new home for yourselves.

Buyer 4: I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re ready to buy. We’re just trying to find homes that don’t need $100,000 worth of maintenance repairs and are priced right.














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