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Pros and Cons Of HOA

If you are planning to own townhomes in kennesaw ga, make sure that before you do it, you have to know first the Homeowner’s Association or HOA rules. In every town home or condo, expect that there is an HOA that implements rules and regulations. Some believe that it is beneficial but others think that it’s a nightmare. Let me give you a short briefing about HOA and think about it if living in such a town home or condo is really right for you.

Aside from the rules that HOA implements in every community, they also collect fees to homeowners for the maintenance such as lawn and landscaping, amenities, security and organize community activities and meetings. Paying such fees will help give you a much lesser work since someone is already responsible for it.

The good thing about having an HOA is that it maintains the value of the property and maintains peace and order in the neighborhood. For example, if you live in townhomes in kennesaw and you have a problem with your neighbor, you can reach them out and tell them your problems. Everything will be cleared between you and your neighbor with the help of HOA. 

For owners to socialize and get-together, home association also organizes community events.

In another story, some owner’s may complain to the home association because they are restricted in many ways. In fact they are still obliged or mandated to become a member of the HOA if they are unwilling to join. In short, they are not totally free to do on the things they want in their property. For an instance, the association may restrict bringing pets in your dwellings or you are not allowed to change the color of the curtain that you want. With regards to your monthly bills, you are obliged to pay it which this goes to the upkeep, facilities, etc. and it sometimes increases. 

Another thing is that you may be fine for some charges in case you break the rules of the HOA. They also have the power to foreclose your property in case you weren’t able to settle your monthly payments. 

These are just some of the things that you should take consideration about Homeowner’s Association. Either ways, it has it’s pros and cons but you have to make sure to assess yourself if living in a townhouse or condo is really great for you. Take time to contemplate so that when the time comes, you won’t regret it. So, if you are planning to own a townhouse, don’t forget to visit townhomes for sale in kennesaw ga.